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The Most Beautiful Charleston Spots for Wedding Pictures

Let Lashes and Lace get you ready for the perfect wedding photoshoot. The combination of historic cobble stone streets, colonial and revolutionary-era buildings, and some of the most stunning stretches of beach in America, Charleston offers spectacular photography opportunities. There are a variety of venues in and around Charleston to capture the memories of your special day.

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Flower Girl Hair (10 & Under) in Charleston, SC

Next to the bride, the flower girl is the minor star of the wedding-day show. She’s the supporting cast to the bride’s big walk down the aisle, preparing the guests for the stunning beauty of the bride with the charm of an innocent. You’ll want your flower girl’s style to match your bridesmaids’ and the overall theme of your wedding. Dealing with children during a formal service which requires expected behaviors can be challenging, but with some flexibility and understanding of the child’s personality, needs, and comfort, she can bring memorable moments to your wedding day. Your best bet? Consult the child’s parents in matters of comfort, and keep those suggestions in mind when choosing a hairstyle for your flower girl.


 27838827 - close up detail of french twist and permanent wave hairstyle.

The classic updo is a splendid choice for a child’s fine hair. A smooth top knot, messy bun, braided bun, or twist, the possibilities are nearly endless. Children’s hair tends to be finer and lighter than adults’ hair, so take into consideration the volume of the child’s hair and the shape of the face when choosing the right updo. Ideally, the hair should frame the cherubic face, and the design of the updo should provide a nice contrast of texture and smoothness. Adding flowers, a headband, tiara, or other accessory is a nice foil for smooth, straight hair.

Natural Beauty

You may choose a more casual style for your flower girl, especially if the child is sensitive. Tight updos may be uncomfortable for some children. If she’s uncomfortable, it’s less likely that you can expect your flower girl to carry out her duties smoothly and with a smile. Casual styles may include a half-braid which stops half-way down and blends into the rest of the hair, or twists that bring the top and front of the hair back and away from the face. Half-updo styles allow for creativity and adding texture to the style without the need for tight fastenings that might make the child uncomfortable. Lashes and Lace salon staff has extensive experience in creating beautiful, comfortable styles for children. Make your appointment today.

Makeup for Your Fall Wedding - Charleston, SC

With fall’s rich, vibrant colors, there is a never-ending list of options for makeup and hair. Whether you opt for subtle, elegant golds and browns, or go all-out with bright, exciting hues like reds and deep rich greens, there is a Fall makeup palette for every bride.

Laying a Foundation

 45258244 - happy couple whose wedding photo shoot in a golden autumn

Begin your makeup routine with excellent skin care. This will require taking pains weeks and even months before your planned wedding to properly cleanse and moisturize your skin. Consider coming in for a full facial treatment, and of course, have any waxing done well ahead of time so that you don’t have red or raised bumps to worry about on your special day. Your foundation should be light and offer good coverage. Avoid “shiny” products for the best photographs. Instead, your artist will use carefully placed and subtle highlights to bring out your best features without any distracting glare in your photos.

Bring Color to your Cheeks

A subtle blush or bronzer does more than add a pop of color and bring a rosy glow to your cheeks. Properly applied, it can also highlight your face. Balance and proportion are achieved by the careful use of shading and highlights. Your makeup artist will use bronzer to create a slimming effect around your nose and to subtly play up your cheekbones.

Leave the Tanning Bed Behind

It can be tempting to rush to the tanning salon in the weeks leading up to your wedding. If you’re not a regular tanner, think twice about exposing your skin to those extra UV rays. Instead, concentrate on creating a healthy glow through careful skin care routines. If you want a natural glow, consider a teeth whitening treatment rather than artificially darkening your skin. Remember too, that any tanning sessions will affect your color palette, which may negate any practice runs you’ve already done with your makeup artist. For your best and most natural look, prepare well ahead of time and discuss your preferences with your artist. It’s her job, after all, to help you look your best on your special day.

2015 Charleston Bridal Makeup Trends

Here in Charleston, usually traditional, southern looks reign supreme, but we're seeing new brides jumping out of the traditional box to showcase new bridal makeup trends in 2015. 

From our own beautiful brides and celebrity trends to runway looks -- we've compiled some of the best wedding beauty trends expected throughout the year.


Berry + Rose Shades - The not quite red/not quite pink blush hues are hugely popular this spring, giving brides a kissable, "just bitten," look. 

Nude - For more classic brides, we expect last year's popular nude lip trend to continue.

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Image Source:


Dramatic Eyes - Smokey, bold eyes will always be popular for a bride who wants an exciting, glamorous look on her wedding day. To accentuate a bold eyes, eyelash extensions (available at our Charleston, SC salon), are a great option to add volume and depth to the eyes.

Metallic & Glitter - In combination with the black and dark shades used to create defined, bold eyes, metallic and glittery hues can liven up a smoky eye. 

Bold Brows - All over the runways in late 2014, and expected at the Spring '15 runways are bold, defined eyebrows. This trend, whether created with an eyebrow pencil or naturally, can reshape your face by enhancing your facial structure. 


Minimal/Natural - One of the top wedding trends of all time is a minimalist looks. Brides want to look glamorous, but they still want to look like themselves. Our makeup artists use light, airbrush makeup to create a smooth, natural look that will highlight your best features on your big day.

Contouring - On the flip side, we can use contouring to define your face and create structured definition, as made famous by the Kardashians. 

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Lashes & Lace Bride From September 2014

Lashes & Lace Bride From September 2014

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