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Flower Girl Hair (10 & Under) in Charleston, SC

Next to the bride, the flower girl is the minor star of the wedding-day show. She’s the supporting cast to the bride’s big walk down the aisle, preparing the guests for the stunning beauty of the bride with the charm of an innocent. You’ll want your flower girl’s style to match your bridesmaids’ and the overall theme of your wedding. Dealing with children during a formal service which requires expected behaviors can be challenging, but with some flexibility and understanding of the child’s personality, needs, and comfort, she can bring memorable moments to your wedding day. Your best bet? Consult the child’s parents in matters of comfort, and keep those suggestions in mind when choosing a hairstyle for your flower girl.


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The classic updo is a splendid choice for a child’s fine hair. A smooth top knot, messy bun, braided bun, or twist, the possibilities are nearly endless. Children’s hair tends to be finer and lighter than adults’ hair, so take into consideration the volume of the child’s hair and the shape of the face when choosing the right updo. Ideally, the hair should frame the cherubic face, and the design of the updo should provide a nice contrast of texture and smoothness. Adding flowers, a headband, tiara, or other accessory is a nice foil for smooth, straight hair.

Natural Beauty

You may choose a more casual style for your flower girl, especially if the child is sensitive. Tight updos may be uncomfortable for some children. If she’s uncomfortable, it’s less likely that you can expect your flower girl to carry out her duties smoothly and with a smile. Casual styles may include a half-braid which stops half-way down and blends into the rest of the hair, or twists that bring the top and front of the hair back and away from the face. Half-updo styles allow for creativity and adding texture to the style without the need for tight fastenings that might make the child uncomfortable. Lashes and Lace salon staff has extensive experience in creating beautiful, comfortable styles for children. Make your appointment today.

New Bridal Salon Ready To Open in Charleston, SC

We are just a few weeks out from having a full service bridal salon for our brides in Charleston!  The new salon passed inspection on February 3, 2015 and will be ready to open in a few weeks.

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Charleston Salon For Brides & Regular Appointments

Our new salon will include a bridal lounge perfect for bridal parties! We will also be expanding our salon services to offer facials and full body waxing in addition to our current hair and makeup services: 

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