Personalized Bridal Party Gifts

Personalized bridal party gifts are the best way to show your girls that you put thought and time into picking the perfect accessory for them. Your bridesmaids spend so much time, money, and effort making your day as best as possible so it’s important to remember to show them some love!

One of our favorite vendors for unique bridesmaid’s gifts is

In our opinion, they have the best selection & most reasonable prices. Shipping is super quick and the customer service is top notch! I also really love that you don’t have to have a minimum. This company caters to any size bridal party!

The website is also super easy to navigate which is a huge plus! The photos and information are clear and accurately describe the products.

We recently ordered personalized wine cups for our company and are BEYOND thrilled with them! The quality is incredible - drinks stay cold for just as long as they do in my name brand cups. The color quality and logo quality were also precise and beautiful.

When ordering, please tell them the ladies at Lashes and Lace sent you!


Making the Most of Your Wedding Day!

How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is going to be the best day of your life, but it’s also going to go by in the blink of an eye! Once you say “I do”, your whole day is going to fly. Of course you’ll have the gorgeous pictures and possibly video to look back on to remember your day, but it’s also important to take a step back and embrace all of the moments that you don’t want to forget. Follow these tips so you can make the most out of your wedding day!

Don’t be afraid to get what you want

This is ultimately your day, so don’t be scared to voice your opinion on what you and your fiancé want for your wedding. Now, definitely don’t take that as a pass to be a bridezilla because you’re getting married, but don’t let anyone else alter your dream. Your parents might be helping you cover some of the finances, but that doesn’t mean they get to control your entire wedding day. To give yourself some extra financial freedom to get what you’ve always hoped for, consider taking out a low-interest personal wedding loan to give your budget some wiggle room. That way, you don’t have to compromise any of the details that are most important to you and your S.O. 


While you may want to be on your phone scrolling through social media while you’re getting ready to see what people are posting, but resist the urge. Your wedding day is going to be so heavily photographed that you don’t need your phone for any reason. Hand your phone off to your maid of honor or to your mom and disconnect until the next day. You want to fully be present for every amazing second, so turn the phone off. For other social media dos and don’t on your wedding day, check out this slideshow!  

Get ready with your girls

There is nothing better than getting ready with your bridesmaids and your mom the morning of your wedding. There is so much excitement leading up to the moment you’ll see your man, it’s nice to be surrounded by all of your besties and loved ones. Get on-site bridal hair and makeup for everyone in your crew and get pampered like the queens that you are! Turn on some of your favorite tunes, set up a mimosa bar, and dance the nerves away! 

Don’t worry about the little details

As much as you want your day to be perfect, something is bound to go wrong. Remember the real reason why all of this planning happened: to celebrate your love for your partner. At the end of the day, that is all that matters. Really. Don’t freak out because your bridesmaid forgot the shoes that everyone was supposed to wear, or the florist didn’t get the flowers there until after the ceremony. Don’t worry if your drunk uncle grabs the mic and gives a speech, or your cousin cried when she didn’t catch the bouquet. All of those possible awkward wedding moments are nothing compared to the fact that you get to marry the love of your life, so keep it in perspective. 

Take it all in

With everything going on, you don’t want to forgot to take a second to soak it all in. Before the end of the night, step back with your new spouse and just watch everything around you. Look over at your bridal party screaming at the top of their lungs along with the wedding band. Embrace the special moment of your parents slow dancing to their own wedding song. Smile at the flower girl napping at her table because it’s way past her bedtime. There are so many memories you’ll want to remember, so don’t forget to hold on to them while you can. 

Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Overlook

Wedding Details You Shouldn’t Overlook

Planning the perfect wedding can seem impossible. With all of the details and preparing that go into wedding prep, it’s not hard to overlook some key elements. We understand that you can get wedding brain fog and forget some details here and there, but there are definitely some aspects you’ll regret if forgotten. Here’s a list of wedding details that are commonly overlooked, but that you should be sure to include when planning your wedding.

1. Directions

Providing directions both before and during your wedding are important, so you don’t get hounded with a bunch of questions on where everything is. When you send your “Save the Date” card to your guests, include a map or some tips on how to find the venue easily. The last thing you’ll want on the morning of your wedding is to be fielding phone calls from your lost guests. Another way to incorporate directions in your wedding is by displaying decorative signs at the venue. This way your guests will know where the bathroom is or how to find their way to the photobooth. This detail will save you time and also create a better experience for your friends and family.

2. Gifs for your parents and new in-laws

After carefully choosing what you want on your wedding gift registry, it’s essential to start thinking about gifts to give both your parents and in-laws. Both parents most likely helped with the costs and planning of the wedding, and giving them a thoughtful gift is a great way to show your gratitude as a couple. There are plenty of thank-you gift ideas for parents that will really make them happy!

3. Bridal getting ready outfits

As you and your bridal party primp and prep for the big day, a fun detail to include are outfits specifically for getting ready. For example, your bridal party can all wear matching robes and you can wear a white robe as your hair and makeup are getting done. This will make for a great photo-op too!

4. Wedding emergency kit

Creating a wedding emergency kit can truly save you from whatever the day throws at you. Whether it’s a stain, a headache, or your makeup begins to run, this kit serves as a quick fix for any potential problems. Including items like deodorant, band-aids, and makeup wipes can really help.

5. Activities for kids

If you decide to have a kid-friendly wedding, you need to make sure you have an agenda of activities to keep them busy. You won’t want a child disrupting your wedding ceremony because he or she couldn’t sit still. Have your ushers hand out coloring books and crayons for the children, and even provide games during the reception for them to play. Having activities planned for the kids at your wedding is a detail nobody will want you to overlook.

6. Having a good beauty routine in advance

Thinking about your beauty routine close to the wedding will be too little too late. You want to get into a good beauty skin care regimen about six months prior to your wedding. This will allow the products to actually show results and prevent any negative skin reactions that can occur when introducing a new skin care product to your routine. Products like activated vitamin C serums, prescription retinoids and eye creams all take time to work and show a noticeable difference in your skin. Be sure to plan your beauty routine ahead of time so that you can have beautiful skin in time for your wedding.

On-Site Bridal Services

On-Site Bridal Services

On-site bridal services like hair and makeup can make for a stress-free wedding. Why try to travel to the site of your big day with freshly-styled hair and freshly-applied makeup? With on-site bridal services, you can be sure you’ll be prepared on your big day.

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Short Hair Styling Options- Charleston, SC

Options for Short Hair Styles

Short hair styles are all the rage this wedding season. Explore your hair salon Charleston SC options and visit Lashes and Lace Salon and Bridal for more information on how we can help you find your personal style. Our expert aestheticians are on hand to ensure that you, and your hair, look amazing on your big day. 

Hair Salon Charleston SC

When you come into the Lashes and Lace Hair Salon, Charleston, SC, we can help you discover the short hair styles that are best suited to your facial shape and lifestyle. Whether you’re preparing to walk down the aisle, as a bride or bridesmaid, or just want a change, we can help you find the style that’s right for you.

Short Hair Styles

Short hair means different things to different people. There are many options when it comes to choosing short hair styles. 


-       The Bob. This hairstyle involves cutting the hair at a straight line around jaw-level. This style looks great for straight hair, curly hair, wavy hair, or any other kind! You can even spice up your bob with bangs or an asymmetrical cut that leaves the hair near your face a little longer than the hair at the back of your head.

-       The Pixie Cut. This super-low-maintenance cut is so easy to maintain, you’ll wonder why you didn’t consider it before. It leaves the hair shorter on the back and sides of your head, and slightly longer on top. A classic pixie cut is the epitome of adorable and low-maintenance. 

-       The Lob. The lob is essentially a longer version of a bob. Typically falling just to or just below the shoulders, this style offers versatility and ease of care that’s hard to beat.

-       The Shag.  A modified bob or lob, the shag cut is a variation that adds body and volume by varying the lengths of hair all over the head. It’s quite elegant and fits well with a busy lifestyle.


Lashes and Lace Salon & Bridal

When you come in to Lashes and Lace Salon & Bridal, our stylists will work with you to discover the hair style, makeup, and other services that best suit your needs and lifestyle. We offer a full lineup of self-care, including spray tans, airbrushed makeup, and hair cuts as well as facials and massage. Treat yourself with a trip to Lashes and Lace Salon & Bridal today. 

Charleston Spray Tan

Charleston Spray Tan

How long does a spray tan last? The answer depends upon the quality of the spray tan and the care you take of your tan. Charleston tan recipients seeking high quality airbrushing and a lasting sun-kissed glow know they can count on Lashes and Lace. 

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Spray Tan for a Wedding

Spray Tan for a Wedding

When preparing for your big day, you’ll want to be sure that you’re exuding the healthy glow that reflects your joy. Your makeup, your hair, your waxing and facial, all of it comes together to create the most beautiful presentation for your walk down the aisle. Your even-toned, bronzed skin provides a healthy glow, making you shine on your big day.

Spray Tan

Although over the counter formulas are available, it’s advisable to have your spray tan professionally applied to avoid streaking, dripping, or uneven application. Some salons offer a spray tan machine, but there is still a danger of uneven application. When you come to Lashes and Lace for your spray tan, you can be assured that your tanning product will be applied by an aesthetician with experience in creating a perfectly even coat. 

How Long does a Spray Tan Last?

A high quality airbrushed spray tan will last from 10 to 15 days with proper preparation before tanning and proper care following your session. Be sure to discuss with your aesthetician what to do to make your tan last as long as possible. It is recommended that you have your spray tan applied several days before your big day.

Some Tips for Your Spray Tan Session:

Shower in preparation for your session, and exfoliate. Do not apply moisturizers or lotions prior to tanning. Bring clothes that you don’t mind having stained. Loose-fitting clothes are best following your tan, so that tight clothing doesn’t rub any of the color off before it has a chance to set. Follow your aesthetician’s instructions carefully, and enjoy your new look for a full two weeks. 

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last and How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last and How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Getting wedding eyelash extensions done is exciting.  Your new lashes will be longer, thicker, fuller, and dramatic, requiring less or no eye makeup to create a striking look. How long do eyelash extensions last? The answer depends on several factors, including the care you take care of them. 

Longevity of Semi-Permanent Applications

There are two options for enhancing your lashes- semi-permanent and permanent eyelash extensions. The most commonly applied extensions are semi-permanent. There are several options with semi-permanent lashes, from synthetic to mink extensions. All are applied similarly with surgical glue, to the existing lashes.  The semi-permanent lashes will grow out with the natural lashes and shed as they fall out. The eyelash extension glue is incredibly strong and designed to resist sweat, water, and wear. Your aesthetician can show you how to remove eyelash extensions, or you may wish to simply have it professionally done following your big day. 

What about Permanent Extensions?

Permanent extensions are completely different from semi-permanent, as they are implanted in a surgical procedure. They are normally offered to patients who have suffered hair loss related to some disease or condition like chemotherapy or alopecia. Permanent eyelash extensions are durable, lasting  a lifetime, and require almost no special care, but they are also expensive. Semi-permanent extensions are more appropriate for most people. 

Removing Your Extensions

The best method of eyelash extension removal is to have your aesthetician handle the removal for you. It takes just a few minutes, and there’s no danger of damage to your natural lashes. Your technician will use a gentle, specialized chemical to dissolve the eyelash extensions glue and remove the extensions, leaving your natural lashes intact and healthy. With proper care, your eyelash extensions will provide you a dramatic look for your special day, and when you’re ready to get your natural look back, are easily removed. Make your appointment today. 

Wedding Transportation

Our brides constantly ask us for recommendations on wedding party & wedding guest transportations. Our friends at Charleston Party Buses are super reliable, friendly, & prompt leaving our brides with a wonderful experience! See below for information & booking details - tell them Lashes & Lace sent you! 

Wedding Transportation in Charleston

Finding the vendors for your wedding is the biggest battle of wedding planning. There are so many different services and businesses to choose from, particularly when it comes to transportation. Whether you're looking for sedan service, exotic cars, limousines, or a party bus for your wedding day, there are some things you should keep in mind so you find the best possible provider for your specific needs. 

Check out the vehicle in person

This is incredibly important! Before you book a vehicle, you want to make sure it is exactly how it is described on their website. The last thing you want is to be in a damaged or unhygienic vehicle on your wedding day. It's not uncommon for shady transportation companies to post pictures of vehicles they don't actually own. When you view it in person, there wont be any potential surprises on the day of your wedding. 

Look over the contract

Contracts are vital documents for any wedding vendor decision. They outline all of the details you need to know as well as expectations so all parties are on the same page. When it comes to transportation providers,  you're specifically going to want to look out for fees regarding mileage, tax, fuel, or tip to the driver. Don't put yourself in a position to be surprised by extra fees!

Check if they have been to your venue before

If a chauffeur has never been to your wedding venue, it can cause minor issues. If they are unfamiliar with pick up and drop off locations or details on where they're able to park the vehicle, you're easily looking at an extra 30 minutes to an hour added to your wedding schedule. This could cause a domino effect with your other vendors, so be sure to ask if they have experience with your chosen venue.

Invite your photographer on board

This is something that is usually overlooked, but it shouldn't be! Inviting your photographer on board your wedding vehicle will definitely enhance your wedding photos. This is because there are a lot of genuine moments to capture when you're in between destinations on your wedding day socializing with your wedding party and sweetheart. Be sure to consider this when you're choosing a vehicle so you have enough space!

Providing transportation isn't just a kind gesture to your guests, it's also the best way to ensure safety for those who will be partying through the night. This is particularly helpful for any guests who will be unfamiliar with the area coming in from out of town. Whether you're providing shuttle service for guests or simply looking for the best transportation solution for yourself and your wedding party to get from one destination to the next, we hope these tips have helped you in your search. For more information, check out this Party Bus Company Charleston.

Charleston Party Buses 

1713 Boone Hall Drive 

Unit I-14 

Charleston, SC 29407 

(843) 790-8843 


Popular Wedding Hairstyles

Popular Wedding Hairstyles

The most popular wedding hair styles this year run the gamut from formal to casual, from sweeping updos to artfully tousled pony tails to half-up half-down hairstyles to smooth, shining braids. The style you choose for your big day depends upon the formality of your event and the texture and length of your own hair. Your stylist will want to see pictures of what styles you have in mind, and will work with you to create a style that’s uniquely yours for your big day.

Long Hair

Wedding styles for long hair are diverse and versatile. You may choose an updo, a cascading style, or a half-up, depending upon your personal style and the look you’re going for. Our stylists will go over pictures of various styles with you and help you decide what will best fit your facial features, hair texture, and personal taste. With long hair, it’s possible to create a cascading half-updo with a smooth bun or braid at the crown of the head, with tendrils of hair hanging romantically down. Or, you may prefer a full updo with braiding or a bun for a sleek, smooth style. 

Shorter Hair

Some women fear that having shorter hair will limit their options when it comes to styles for the big day, but the contrary is true. There are many attractive wedding styles for short hair. The use of accessories like clips or combs can add extra flair, while curling and shaping create a pleasing shape. No matter how long or short your hair, we will work with you to create the style that fits your special day. 


There are as many different hair textures as there are brides. Whether your hair tends to fall into tight curls, lay fine and smooth, or is thick and straight will affect the style you choose. Wedding styles for black women run the gamut from natural to smooth. Many people of color enjoy thick, textured hair that is a pleasure to work with and offers opportunities for a variety of stylish and beautiful hairdos. When perusing photos of styles you’d like to emulate, consider your hair’s length and texture as well as your own personal style, and our stylists will help you accomplish the style that’s uniquely and magnificently yours. 

What A Deep Conditioning Treatment Can Do For Your Hair

What A Deep Conditioning Treatment Can Do For Your Hair

The daily attacks on your hair create miniscule areas of damage on the surface of the shaft that may not be visible to the naked eye. Wind, sun, heat and styling damage all combine to make hair look dull, lifeless, and limp. Regular deep conditioning treatments restore your hair’s natural shine and bounce. 

The Chemistry Behind the Treatment

When we wash our hair, the detergents in shampoo remove natural protective oils from the scalp and hair shaft. The same oils which make our hair feel “greasy” if left to accumulate too long are actually the body’s natural protective covering. Shampoo strips them away. A deep conditioning treatment restores the natural balance and smooths the surface of the hair. Surfactants are the molecules that make up the deep conditioning treatment. They bond to the surface of the hair shaft, improving the quality of the shaft’s surface and creating a natural, healthy glow.

Strength and Conditioning

Most deep conditioning treatments contain keratin and other ingredients that are designed to improve the hair shafts’ strength, flexibility, and durability. Your hair will break less easily and the improved tensile strength will reduce split and “dead” ends. Your hair will be softer, feel fuller, and more manageable overall. The surfactants in the conditioner bond with your hair, creating a soft, smooth surface on each hair shaft. 

Prevent Damage

Deep conditioning helps reduce breakage and split ends, and provides a healthier hair shaft that’s ready to accept styling, treatments and coloring. When used as a regular part of your routine, deep conditioning treatments for your hair improve elasticity and strength. Natural shine is restored as well, providing  fuller body and a look of improved overall health. 

Contact Lashes and Lace today to schedule your appointment and prepare your hair to look its best on your special day.