The Most Beautiful Charleston Spots for Wedding Pictures

The combination of historic cobble stone streets, colonial and revolutionary-era buildings, and some of the most stunning stretches of beach in America, Charleston offers spectacular photography opportunities. Sunrise and sunset offer dramatic backdrops with golden rays or subtle pink, purple, and golden tones to frame your photos. There are a variety of venues in and around Charleston to capture the memories of your special day. Let Lashes and Lace get you ready for the perfect wedding photoshoot. 

1)     White Point Gardens – Strolling along the grounds of White Point Gardens, you’ll soon come to the center where a rotunda gazebo is nestled in the center of giant southern oaks, providing a cozy refuge of greenery. The elegant lines of the gazebo against  the backdrop of majestic oaks that have stood for hundreds of years, sheltering the land creates a magical, intimate space in which to create images as unique as your pairing.

2)     Historic Streets – Charleston is laid out in a series of historic streets. Church Street is a well-kept secret in this grouping, offering a variety of historic backdrops. The light filtering gently through the trees and the unique and beautiful architecture of Charleston provide an elegant setting for your photos. 

3)     Botany Bay – As part of a protected National Park, Botany Bay is an untouched national treasure. Care is needed as you hike down the scenic trail, to leave the park in the same condition that you found it in. Nature lovers will embrace the soft sands and the spectacular sunset backdrop Botany Bay offers for your photographs.

4)     Sullivan’s Island – Beaches often bring to mind long stretches of flat sand and gently lapping waves. Sullivan’s Island has those, and more. The light vegetation not only holds the sand dunes intact, it provides texture, variety and interest for a photographic backdrop. The boardwalk offers a natural bench, while the landscape reflects the memories you’ll make together.

5)     Magnolia Plantation – Magnolia Plantation contains upon the grounds the oldest unrestored gardens in America. Over 300 years of history has grown into a wild tangle of mysterious nooks, hanging flows of flowers and moss, and some of the most spectacular Southern gardens you’ll see in your lifetime. Visit Magnolia Plantation’s site for information on scheduling and fees.