Onsite Bridal hair & Makeup - What to expect.

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We recommend a trial run for all brides, though it is not required. The Lashes & Lace team will work with you throughout the process of planning your wedding to assure that you can count on us to be on time and prepared on your big day. A trial run allows you to try several looks and we’ll take pictures so that your preferred style can be perfectly recreated on your wedding day.

Leading up to the Wedding

When you consult with Lashes & Lace, we’ll discuss your personal style and goals and help you decide which services will best suit your budget and look. In the days and weeks before the wedding, we advise that you take advantage of Lashes & Lace professional salon services, including:

·       Lash tinting- our professional aestheticians apply specialized dyes to thicken, lengthen, and darken your lashes for a lush, luxurious look without the need for mascara.

·       Tanning – professionally applied tanning ensures that you’ll have a beautiful, healthy glow for your big day.

·       Waxing – Look and feel your best with a professional waxing appointment a week to several days before your wedding.

·       Airbrushed Makeup – Airbrushing provides the most even application of makeup that won’t smudge or run during your wedding.

·       Hair Extensions- Clip-in hair extensions provide fullness, length and allow for styles that might be difficult to apply otherwise.

The Big Day

When your big day arrives, we’ll meet you at the site in plenty of time to handle all your makeup and hair preparations. This is where a trial run shows its value- with a trial run we have a very good idea of how long your specific hair and makeup look will take and how to accomplish your goals. We’ll create your preferred look and ensure you’re ready for the photos, the congratulations, and of course, the moment when you stand with your intended at the altar. We’re proud to be a part of your special day and will attend to every detail it will take to make it a special and memorable moment. Call to arrange your initial consultation today.