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Onsite Bridal hair & Makeup - What to expect.

The Lashes & Lace team will work with you throughout the process of planning your wedding to assure that you can count on us to be on time and prepared on your big day. A trial run allows you to try several looks and we’ll take pictures so that your preferred style can be perfectly recreated on your wedding day.

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Spray Tans for your Fall Wedding | Charleston, SC

With fall around the corner, the golden glow you worked so hard to obtain all summer may be fading. Or you may be following a healthier routine of avoiding over-exposure to the sun. Whatever the case, a spray tan with FDA approved Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is a safe and attractive alternative to putting your skin at risk under tanning lamps. Coming in for a spray tan prior to your wedding is the best way to ensure you carry a healthy glow down the aisle on your special day.

Before Your Spray Tan

A spray tan lasts, on average, 4-10 days, depending upon your maintenance routine and your skin chemistry. You’ll want to plan your appointment accordingly. Any waxing appointments or exfoliation, including facials or chemical peels, should be completed well in advance of your tanning appointment. It is recommended that you wax a full 24 hours before your tanning session, to allow your skin time to prepare.

On the day of your appointment, shower and exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells. This will help ensure the product is applied evenly and prevent streaking or patching. Do not apply any lotions or use scented body wash. Plan to wear dark, loose-fitting clothing. You will not be able to shower, swim, or engage in vigorous exercise for at least 6-8 hours following your tanning session.

During your Spray Tan Appointment

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You may wish to wear minimal clothing during your appointment for the best coverage. Remember that any clothing will result in tan lines. Minimal undergarments are important to protect your intimate areas. The solution should not come into contact with any mucous membranes. Use chapstick or lip balm to protect your lips, and apply a clear coat of nail polish to avoid staining your nails.

After your Spray Tan

Following your spray tan, you’ll want to give the formula time to develop. It’s important to avoid showering for 6-8 hours following your tan. Wear loose-fitting, dark colored clothing to prevent the solution from rubbing off. Consider sleeping in the same clothing to avoid staining sheets. After your initial shower, you can wear makeup and use non-alcoholic, unscented lotion as usual.

Lavish Tan Organic Spray Tan System Now Available!

We are so excited to announce that the Lavish Tan Organic Spray Tan System is now available in our Mt. Pleasant studio! Lavish Tan created their airbrush spray tan system with apples and a brown-sugar solution, so Lavish Spray Tans will never look orange and last one to two weeks.  Patent-pending, the Lavish brown sugar base ensures a natural golden brown tone and you'll never turn out orange. Lavish Tan was recently voted the #1 spray tan solution in America by Allure Magazine

Natural Airbrush Spray Tans For Your Wedding Day

If you are a bride looking for a golden tan but natural look on her wedding day, or for the millions of engagement photo shoots, parties, and receptions in your honor, we highly recommend the Lavish Tan airbrush spray tan system. The airbrush spray tan goes on lightly and evenly, then lasts for up to two weeks. Even very fair skinned brides can get the golden look because the spray tan solution will react naturally your own skin tone. The Lashes & Lace spray tan techs will also create a custom blend that is perfect for you. 

Visit Lashes & Lace For Your Spray Tan

Message the Lashes and Lace team online here, or call/text us at 843-568-3625 to ask any questions or to book your spray tan appointment! Lavish Tans are $20 per tan.