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Whether you’re naturally blessed with a thick, full head of hair, but prefer to wear it shorter most of the time or have thinner hair, extensions can be a great way to add length and volume and achieve the bridal hairstyle of your dreams. While we can’t instantly transform you into Chrissy Teigen, hair extensions can give you the illusion of longer, more luxurious locks and provide you the look you’re dreaming of for your big day. There are a few things you need to know about hair extensions.


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There are three basic options for hair extensions- clip ons are most common for a wedding hairstyle. They’re simple to use, easy to remove, and easy on your natural hair. Next are “taped” extensions. More durable than clip-ons, taped extensions have the advantage of being more permanent. They’re not suitable, however, for a very active lifestyle, and won’t stand up well to heat or swimming. The longest-lasting option is keratin extensions. Rather than being held in with clips or glue, keratin extensions are fused to the natural hair with a special bonding agent.

Color Matching

It may be tempting to save money by purchasing extensions from a store, but if you want the most natural look, professional service is required. It’s necessary to match the extensions as closely to your natural hair color as possible. This is where your stylist comes in. The colors must be blended to match the highlights and natural variations in your natural hair.

Natural vs Synthetic

While some extensions are made of synthetic materials, the best extensions are created from natural human hair. Natural hair is best, because it’s easily styled, and looks more natural than synthetic materials. Synthetic hair tangles more easily and often has a very-shiny patina that ruins the natural look of the extensions.

Ready to create the bridal hairstyle you’ve always wanted? Call today for your consultation with one of our Lashes and Lace experts.

Hair Extension Charleston SC | Get a New Look

Hair Extension Charleston SC | Get a New Look, whether you are looking to have long hair for a special event or just for fun hair extension are the perfect answer, don’t you love modern technology.

Hair Extension Charleston SC

Yes, the great thing about modern technology, when it comes to hair, is that we can now look how we want for different occasion.

At the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lace in Charleston SC we offer Hotheads Hair Extensions.  Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat.  They are seamless to the touch and undetectable in your hair once installed.

In mere hours, you can have a new ‘do’ that otherwise would take years to grow out.  It's both fun and easy to change up your look with extra longer hair. If you are ready to experience a head of full beautiful hair or want to lengthen your hair instantly Kacie Faulling at Lashes and Lace can make your wish come true.

Get a new look at the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lace with stunning and premium quality hair extensions in Charleston SC. Our professional hairstylists and colorists can style hair extensions to give your mane a complete makeover. You are sure to make heads turn the moment you step out of our salon.

Charleston Hair Salon Lashes and Lace

At Charleston Hair Salon Lashes and Lace we believe that nurturing your outer beauty is one step on the path to empowering the inner you.

If looking your best is on your mind, Kacie Faulling can create the flawless look of perfection.  We want every person leaving Charleston Hair Salon Lashes and Lace to feel attractive, stylish, and self-confident.

Call the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lace at 843-568-3625 for more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation.


Spray Tan Preparation Charleston SC | Lashes and Lace Salon

Spray Tan Charleston SC | Lashes and Lace Salon, are you looking for a bronze glow without the health risk that comes the sun?   Spray  tanning gives you a beautiful natural-looking tan without the long-term skin damage associated with UV exposure.

About Lashes and Lace Salon

We are a locally owned and operated business providing sunless spray tanning throughout the Greater Charleston area serving North Charleston, Summerville, Sullivans Island, Goose Creek, Isle of Palms, Kiawah, Mount Pleasant, Walterboro, Hanahan, James Island, Johns Island, Folly Beach, West Ashley, and many others.

Charleston is full health conscious people looking for smart alternatives to promote their well being. Spray tanning provides the perfect alternative to UVA/UVB tanning.

The staff at Lashes and Lace Salonare professionally trained in customizing your spray tan, contouring and always ensuring a safe, natural-gorgeous spray tan.

Charleston Spray Tan Preparation

Shower and exfoliate prior to your appointment.  It’s best to exfoliate the night before your appointment.  Do not wear jewelry to your Charleston Spray Tan session.  Shaving and waxing should be performed at least 8 hours before coming in for your Charleston Spray Tan session. Skip the perfume, deodorant, and makeup prior to your appointment.  Chemicals from lotions, make-up, and deoderant may interfere with the tanning process.

If you have long hair, put it in a binder or tie it up away from your face and neck.  And lastly, we recommend that you wear dark colored loose fitting clothing and flip flops or slides to your appointment.  You don’t want the airbrush tanning solution to stain your clothes.

At Lashes and Lace our goal is to provide you the very best in Charleston Spray Tanning for that rich, golden tan in less time it takes to get a manicure.  To make an appointment call Lashes and Lace at 843-568-3625.

Charleston Cup | Hair and Makeup

Charleston Cup | Hair and Makeup, let the salon of Lashes and Lace help you with your Charleston Cup hair and makeup.  The Charleston Cup has become one of the premier sporting events in the Lowcountry, offering spectators the opportunity to experience live horse racing at its finest.

About the Charleston Cup

The 21st running of the Charleston Cup is scheduled to take place at The Plantation at Stono Ferry on Sunday, Nov. 9.

The Charleston Cup was started by the South Carolina Jockey Club in 1986, and is much more than just a horse race—it is the social event of the season—and definitely not to be missed.

You don't have to be a “horse person” to enjoy all the Charleston Cup has to offer. The race weekend kicks off on Friday with the elegant black-tie Race Ball which is a great excuse to get all glammed up. 

Whether you'll be partaking in the Race Ball or just going to a fabulous Charleston Cup party, the award winning salon of Lashes and Lace Salon can help you achieve a look to remember.

Charleston Cup

Sunday morning, the real excitement begins as the nation's top riders, trainers and owners prepare to compete for purses totaling $50,000. More than 16,000 spectators will enjoy a full day at the races with exciting steeplechase and flat races.

Whether you are entertaining clients in a private corporate tent, relaxing with friends in a reserved parking space, or just spreading a blanket out for a picnic with a view, the Charleston Cup will provide one and all with the ingredients for a fun-filled weekend.

Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lash

Getting gorgeous is easy at the Hair and Makeup Salon of Lashes and Lash.  For more information or to schedule an appointment contact Kacie at Lashes and Lace at 843-568-3625 or visit our website at

Hair Extension Charleston SC | Hot Head Hair Extensions

Hair Extension Charleston SC, Hair Extensions are the perfect way to add length and volume to your hair.  If you desire long and thick hair but are unable to grow it naturally, consider Hair Extension Charleston SC.

With Hair Extension Charleston SC  you can know how it feels to have a luscious full head of hair that looks completely natural.  The process of getting extensions put in depends on the length and fullness of your natural hair, the average time ranges from 1-3 hours.

About Hair Extension Charleston SC

Hotheads Hair Extensions are human hair, adhesive weft extensions that are applied without the need for tools or heat.  Hotheads Hair Extensions are uniquely designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair. Clients will get 8 to 10 weeks of wear from each application reapplied up to 3 times, while still looking and feeling amazing.

Hotheads Hair Extensions are applied by layering them onto existing hair by simply pressing two pieces of high quality, 100 percent human hair in pre-taped strips, sandwiched around a section of your own hair.  The glue used on each inch-and-a-half lock of hair is extremely strong.

The Benefits of Hotheads Hair Extensions are you can know how it feels to have a luscious full head of hair that looks completely natural.  And when it comes time to taking them out, the bond dissolves easily with alcohol and doesn’t cause damage to your hair.  The other benefit is that the extensions lie flat so it is not noticeable as a hair extension.

Lashes and Lace Salon - Hair Extension Charleston SC

If you are interested in learning more about Hair Extension Charleston SC be sure to call our salon or come in to speak with one of our experienced professionals. You owe it to yourself to feel beautiful. Change your appearance for the best.  Call 843-568-3625 for more information or to schedule an appointment or consultation.