Lash Tinting - How it Works

Lash tinting is a popular new procedure that provides dark, lush lashes without the mess and fuss of layering on mascara. Even if you wear contacts, your lashes can be thick, lush, and beautiful for weeks.

How it Works

Lash tinting is applied by a professional Lashes and Lace esthetician. While you can wear mascara after having your lashes tinted, you won’t need to. Your lashes will appear naturally darker, thicker, and more luxurious. It’s a safe, affordable process that gives your eyes a lift and your lashes that extra pop you’ve always wanted.

24/7 Mascara

The main advantage to lash tinting is that it gives you the appearance of wearing high quality mascara without the smudging, running, fuss, or removal of makeup. The tint is semi-permanent, giving you  all the advantages of layers of mascara without the flaking or smudging. The hair on your head isn’t the only hair on your body that can lighten with age. Your lashes can begin to lighten, looking more washed out, as you grow older, a process that can start for some women as early as their twenties. Lash tinting restores thickness, color, and a lush, luxurious look.

How Long Does it Take?

Lash tinting takes an average of 15 to 20 minutes to complete, and lasts between two and five weeks depending upon your lashes and the dye you choose. If you enjoy swimming or time on the beach, lash tinting makes even more sense, since the tint doesn’t wash off or fade. For ladies who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, the short time it takes to apply the lash tint is well worth the time.

A Job for a Pro

Lash tinting is not a procedure that should be undertaken at home. The dye used is not the same as what goes in your hair when you change colors. The delicate area around the eyes requires special attention and care that’s best carried out by a professional. When you’re ready for your lash tinting, call Lashes and Lace. We’ll help you discover the best options for your look. Whether you want to look amazing for your wedding day or are seeking an every-day solution to the trials and tribulations of mascara, we can help. Call today.