Bridal Airbrushing | Charleston, SC

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When choosing between bridal airbrushing and traditional makeup, there are some differences that you need to understand.  Each option has pros and cons. Airbrushed makeup is waterproof and does not transfer onto other surfaces, while traditional makeup may offer more versatility in your look. The best way to choose your makeup is to plan ahead. Book practice appointments with your makeup artist, and we’ll try several looks to ensure that you get the one you want on your big day.

Airbrushed Makeup

Airbrushed makeup is applied by an experienced Lashes and Lace technician. It goes on in an ultra-thin layer, letting your own natural glow shine through. Waterproof and smudge-resistant, airbrushed makeup doesn’t need to be touched up throughout the day or evening hours. An application can last as long as 16 hours, and will maintain a flawless look throughout. Be sure to “blot” rather than wiping at sweat or tears to maintain your makeup. Airbrushing is recommended for brides who are concerned about blemishes, spotting, or uneven tones in their skin. Combined with a full facial from Lashes and Lace, an airbrushed look can give you a flawless face for your wedding day. 

Traditional Makeup

Traditional makeup comes in the widest variety of shades, consistencies, and quality. At Lashes and Lace, we use only the highest quality products. Traditional makeup is applied using sponges, applicators, and even fingertips. You can choose from nearly any color. Your artist will work with you to discover the hues that best reflect your natural beauty and fit into the theme of your wedding. Traditional makeup may require minor touch ups throughout the hours following application. Your makeup artist will discuss maintenance and care of your makeup with you at your appointment. 

How to Choose

Your choice of traditional or airbrushed bridal makeup will depend upon a number of factors. The type of palate you want for your makeup, whether you prefer sheer or full coverage, a matte or satin look, and your personal preference will all come into play. Be sure to book your appointment with us well ahead of time, so that you and your artist can discuss your look and experiment to find the right look for you. Call today to book your appointment with a Lashes and Lace artist.