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Charleston Spray Tanning | Charleston Tanning Salon, with the advent of the spray tan keeping that sun-kissed glow is a lot easier and less dangerous.We all know how wonderful and vibrant the sun makes us feel, however, its rays can damage our skin.Now we have a great alternative in Charleston Spray Tanning.Charleston Spray Tanning delivers the glow you want so that you look and feel your best.

At Lashes and Lace our specialists employ the highest-quality Spray Tanning system on the market to bring you the safe, lasting, luxurious look you want, minus the sun's damaging UV rays.

Why Would I Want to Get a Spray Tan?The bottom line is that Spray Tanning is much safer than tanning in the sun, or going to a tanning bed salon. You can get the same result without having to worry about damaging UV rays or overexposed skin. Spray Tanning is an effective way to add color to your skin.

Benefits of a Charleston Spray Tanning

Spray Tanning has evolved as a popular alternative to regular sun tanning. Without sitting in the sun and risking extended sun damage from dangerous UV rays, individuals can turn to Spray Tanning for the same desired effect.

Your skin will turn a deep, soft golden-brown without the harmful skin damage that occurs when you are out in the sun. This means that you get the same result without the dangerous side effects.

The staff at Charleston Lashes and Lace is professionally trained in customizing your spray tan, contouring and always ensuring a safe, natural-gorgeous spray tan.

How to Prepare for Your Charleston Spray Tanning Session

For the maximum result, before your session, shower and exfoliate the skin. Make sure your skin is free of perfumes, lotions, oils, deodorants, gels or any product on the skin that would create a barrier. Also, remove all jewelry.

At Lashes and Lace our goal is to provide you the very best in Charleston Spray Tanning for that rich, golden tan in less time it takes to get a manicure.To make an appointment call Lashes and Lace at 843-568-3625.